Tax Help for Exapts

Welcome to our site!


We are a team of Financial and Tax Advisors,
helping you with everything related
to the Bureaucracy and Tax system
in the Netherlands.

Specializing in the Dutch tax system, we arrange financial benefits and allowances, file tax returns and we can take over all communication with the Dutch tax authorities for you.

We also support small and middle sized businesses (freelancers, shop owners, entrepreneurs), providing assistance with VAT Declaration, bookkeeping, tax declaration, year closing and everything an entrepreneur might need help with (loans, licenses, professional markets, rules and regulations).

Besides that we also support you on issues with the Dutch bureaucracy, for example:

  • importing your car
  • purchasing a house
  • getting a loan

✔  We will answer your questions about your obligations towards the Greek tax authorities.

What sets us apart

from other tax & accounting offices is that we want to inform you of your rights and responsibilities from the start.

We want to advise and help you with all your concerns regarding the Dutch system, and make you feel secure with the Dutch bureaucracy.